I have reached the conclusion after 3 decades of Official Community Planning meetings that the first impression is the same as the last.

The OCP Transportation and Development Plans will negatively impact Green Space.

To quote roughly from a speaker at the early 80’s original OCP meeting, “This result could have been the same if a kindergarten class had been allowed to colour the map”

To quote the consultant from a few years ago when he presented the Transportation Options Map for the South end of Squamish, “…circles were drawn randomly on the map without regard for what developing those lines into roads would impact.

His audience was then given the opportunity to choose their favourite circle and from their majority choice would come the plans to develop the chosen circle into roads.

Like a follow the dots plan, the lines meet the chosen destination points, The Squamish Terminals and the Oceanfront Development. Whatever lies in the path of these points will be destroyed. The destruction caused in reaching the ends of the roads to the Squamish Terminals and the Oceanfront Development is totally unjustified and unnecessary.

Photos thanks to John Buchanan


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