Let Howe Sound Live

January 14, 2016

The Honourable Hunter Tootoo, M.P.

Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

200 Kent Street – Station 15N100

Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

The Honourable Catherine McKenna, M.P.

Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change

House of Commons Ottawa ON

K1A 0A6

Ms. Danielle Cunningham, Senior Land Officer

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

101-42000 Loggers Lane Squamish, BC V8B 0H3

200 – 10428 153rd Street, Surrey, B.C.V3R 1E1.

Dear Ministers and Ms Cunningham:

I appreciate this opportunity to submit to the government my objections, relevant data and my concerns.

Along with others, I have rejoiced at the return to Howe Sound of the Herring.

We believe that the dolphins and whales, which have been sighted in Howe Sound in recent years, have returned due to the increase in survival rate of the Herring.

Howe Sound has begun a resurrection, as the heavy industries are no longer polluting and depleting the area. The industries have left with their profits leaving their pollution behind and in, a lifeless Howe Sound by the year 2000.

The Fraser Basin Council has accomplished a remediation process for the Britannia Mine site on the East shore of Howe Sound.

The District of Squamish is closely monitoring the results of their remediation of the abandoned FMC chemical plant site on the North shore of Howe Sound.

The Woodfibre site on the West shore of Howe Sound is in dire need of remediation for the pollution caused by the now abandoned mill that was there.

Herring have historically and are presently populating Howe Sound.

Organizations and individuals have gathered much data and the survival of herring eggs is obvious.

I am including links and have attached the files from the Concerned Citizens Bowen on Herring in Howe Sound and their link to Data on Herring in Howe Sound from the personal records of Squamish resident John Buchanan.

http://ccbowen.ca/herringletter/   http://ccbowen.ca/herringreport/

Since 2000 a method to combat the destruction of herring eggs laid on creosoted pilings has been devised, by the Squamish Streamkeepers.   It is being successfully used to wrap the pilings at the Squamish Terminals on the North shore of Howe Sound and now at False Creek.

The assessment of Herring numbers is of great importance when considering the viability of an ecosystem. Certainly the sudden appearance of whales and hundreds of dolphins feeding is their testament to the renewal of Howe Sound.

Orca catching a dolphin in Howe Sound photo credit to Chris Carpentier

orca catches dolphin photo by Chris Carpentier Howe Sound 2014

The Herring are a vital component to the life of Howe Sound.   The assessment of Herring numbers is also an important component in the environmental assessment process for activities proposed in Howe Sound.

The Herring eggs are surviving at the Woodfibre site and along the West shore of Howe Sound. Data is available to substantiate this claim. A more complete study is warranted due to the destructive nature of the activities proposed and approved for the West shore of Howe Sound.

We are requesting that the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and that the Honourable Hunter Tootoo, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard decline approval for the Environmental Assessments of both the Woodfibre LNG proposed cooling system and the Black Mount log dump proposed for Folger Creek.

Our experience with those protecting Herring spawning areas and those compiling data to show evidence of the Herring spawn survival compel the us to request these destructive proposals be denied.

Included with our letter is the detailed letter to you from the:

  • Ø Concerned Citizens Bowen, Bowen Island, Howe Sound
  • Ø Dated January 6, 2016
  • Ø Written by J.H. Anton Van Ralven and Thomas E. Rafael.

Black Mount Logging Inc. from Squamish, BC, has applied to the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Surrey for a Licence of Occupation for Log Handling and Storage situated on Provincial Crown located at Folger Creek in Howe Sound.

The file number is #2411637

Ø This is a proposal for a 10 year Licence of Occupation for a log dump in the Folger Creek area.

Ø The site will be accessed by the water or network of forest roads.

Ø Infrastructure may include reconstruction of previous dump facilities, installation of floating dump skids, installation of booming grounds, installation of a dock and barge ram, and installation of three anchors in the water.

Ø Although the company is applying for a log dump at the end of an existing logging road (built during last century logging), the BCImap site does not show any pending cutblocks in the Folger Creek watershed.

The North shores of Howe Sound have been destroyed because log dumps have been allowed. Recently; in accordance with the Squamish Estuary Management Plan, a decades old log dump was relocated from the Central Squamish Estuary to the North East shore of Howe Sound.

There are now no log dumps west of the spur line, which divides the Squamish Estuary and leads to the Squamish Terminals. The West shore of Howe Sound is recovering from the pollution of heavy industry, the hillside divided by the Hydro line.

an estuary rainbow

This Squamish Estuary photo from the dike at Third and Vancouver St. shows that beyond the water is blocked and that is the spur line to the Squamish Terminals.

Beyond, the photo shows the hillside on the West shore of Howe Sound and the BC Hydro line clearing which divides it.

We all know what a mess mills look when in production and when abandoned.

The economic factors that once contributed to the permissive attitude toward environmentally destructive industry no longer exist. The future of Howe Sound is one of environmental abundance if allowed to regenerate.

Environmental abundance means food for all.

Each link in the ecosystem must be intact to provide sustenance.

Fisheries must be considered and given priority in all planning.

This is why we have linked these two projects and the data for the West shore of Howe Sound together in this letter of objection to these proposals and their components.

It is our hope that the data will be considered and further studies and environmental enhancement projects will be done to ensure the continued recovery of Howe Sound.



Squamish, BC

Squamish Estuary Advisory Committee to Council


-The Honourable Mary Polak, Minister of Environment of British Columbia

-Ms. Pamela Goldsmith – Jones, M.P., Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs


Ms. Danielle Cunningham, Senior Land Officer

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations



-Mr. Michael Shepard, Project Assessment Manager, BC EA office


-Telásemkin Siyám Chief Bill Williams, Hereditary Chief Squamish Nation


-Syeta’xtn Councillor Chris Lewis, Spokes person Squamish Nation Council

-Ms. Erin Hanson and Amanda King, Consultation and Accommodation Coordinator, Tsleil-Waututh Nation
ehanson@twnation.ca   aking@twnation.ca
-Mr. Renny Talbot, Senior Fisheries Protection Biologist, DFO Pacific Biological Station


My Sea To Sky





Called to be photographed, my hawk. RIP



  IMGSquamish Estuary BC.

Lord we’re gonna need something big to show Howe Sound is providing.

breaching humpback

Processed on Mac Pro Lightzone used – tonemapper at 500 pixel radius, plus tweaks with zonemapper Image rotated 1.0˚ CCW

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