SEMP and Stopping Fortis BC Project


Best not to allow the Fortis BC Project.
In the event that DOS Council wisely refuses the Fortis BC Project…
and the BC Government over rules …
The Squamish Estuary Management Plan has it’s own criteria for
habitat loss in the form of compensation
for example:  the transportation corridor
is to be offset by the digging of a swan slough to the west of the present swan slough
as the present swan slough would be filled in
for the road and double track from what is no longer just an Industrial Park,
to one business, the Squamish Terminal
The Squamish Terminal, owned by, Star Shipping of Norway
polluting our wild salmon estuary.
Grieg also owns  Grieg Seafood, farmed salmon polluting wild salmon migratory routes.
There must be Compensation for the industrial activity of not only the intrusion of a helicopter pad
for the purpose of drilling test holes for the Fortis BC Pipeline
there must be compensation for the risk of a pipeline accident which would endanger the entire estuary including the areas protected from Industrial intrusion in the SEMP (Squamish Estuary Management Plan)
Looking on the website
then the section for 1999 Squamish Estuary Management Plan
Perhaps a suitable compensation in my opinion would be the removal of the
transportation corridor from the OCP which is the 7th Ave Connector
and the flood-gating of the present spur line to the terminals
and more
Certainly there will be a loss of food as well as habitat and this needs to be addressed
as compensation for the wildlife immediately affected
Restoring flora and fauna does not immediately become food and habitat
nor does it restore the synchronicity of the estuary
In the event of an accident to the gas pipeline
there must be extensive and aggressive containment and restoration
that must be agreed upon by the community
The danger and noise of the compressor station is also part of the Fortis BC project
It would be possible for Squamish Council to rezone the lots which are undeveloped
so they better suit the present uses of the Industrial/Business Park
Perhaps Commercial Zoning?
Fortis BC is certainly welcome to plan to put their pipeline elsewhere
outside the District of Squamish
The fact is the Provincial Government can overrule the District of Squamish Council.
In this event the SEMP compensation and protection mechanisms must also be implemented
including extensive and long term community involvement.
This fact, that the BC Government can overrulle the DOS Council,
should not be taken into account when the DOS Council decides whether or not to
oppose the Fortis BC permits.
The District of Squamish Council must respond to the community from which it was
Again, extensive and long term community involvement is necessary as this is not just about THREE
30 X 30 metre helicopter pads for boring TEST holes.
This is about the pipeline which will affect the entire estuary if there is an accident.
The Squamish Estuary Management Plan was achieved after decades of intense community
The millions of dollars in relocation costs by West Barr attest to the validity of the SEMP and
how the compensation was achieved by West Barr leasing an area on the east shore of Howe Sound five times the size of the log sort in the Central Squamish Estuary
This relocation process has taken 15 years, and is to be followed by the logging operators
in the SODC area also moving to their leases on the east shore of Howe Sound.
Industry has been allowed in the Squamish Estuary in the SEMP
A review process is part of the SEMP
THIS industrial proposal by Fortis BC must also adhere to the
compensation rules of the SEMP.
Thank you for your interest.
Deb McBride

seac to c
Squamish Estuary Advisory Committee to Council


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