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NO TO WLNG Must be the biggest issue because not all candidates know their position on it.

In the 10 municipal elections I have entered it is the only issue to have a protest march to protect the estuary and Howe Sound from WLNG, Fortis BC pipeline from the compressor station through the estuary to tankers for export.

What is fracked at one end and spilling at the other has no place on the planet.

Long time issues for me each election and in the forefront in 2014 are:

  • The estuary is also being threatened by the 7th Ave. Connector and the concept of using it as a dike.
  • No road and double-track through the estuary should go to one business, the Squamish Terminal.
  • No estuary is a parking lot for boats and I oppose the Squamish Oceanfront Development marina.
  • No further residential development should take place in the flood plain.
  • Public transportation needs must be met with more passenger train options, commuter buses for workers and visitors to Vancouver and Whistler. Local rider numbers justify full schedules daily for buses and handi-darts.


For me as an estuary protector I have been waiting decades to oppose tankers in Howe Sound.

Now this threat has a name, Woodfibre LNG.

I have said that what is fracked at one end and spilling at the other has no place on the planet.

It is not as if there have not been alternative energy sources available for decades.

Governments need to promote wind and solar energy sources.

Governments need to stop promoting energy sources from fossil fuels and dams.

The estuary is protected and so:

  • NO test drills requiring 3 clearings 30 X 30 metres. That brush and waterway is food for fish, birds and wildlife.
  • NO to the Fortis BC compressor station in the District of Squamish.
  • NO to Tankers to export from WLNG.
  • NO to WLNG.


FRACKING is producing large quantities of the product for WLNG.

Unlike the committee I say


As an estuary protector I would

  • Bring pressure on to the environmental assessment process from environmental law societies and First Nations.
  • Propose making changes to zoning to block the Fortis BC compressor station and pipeline.
  • Continue to oppose the Industrial zoning for that area as I have since the early 1980’s
  • Not allow the Fortis BC pipeline or compressor station within the District of Squamish
  • Direct Squamish staff to consider the WLNG project and the Fortis BC pipeline as a low to NO priority and to stop allotting time to them. Take WLNG and Fortis BC off the Council Agenda.
  • Unite with BC Municipalities to oppose the pipelines.
  • Upgrade the environmental protection level for the Squamish Estuary and the DOS.
  • Consider this environmental war.


Our citizens have persisted for decades to protect and have achieved protection for the Squamish Estuary because:

  • Fish, wildlife and people worldwide depend on this nursery that is the Squamish Estuary.
  • Folks come here to have Fun! Fun is big business for Squamish.
  • No more scary polluters has meant a restoration of the estuary.
  • There are industries worldwide that depend on the nursery that is the Squamish Estuary, like fishing.
  • Worldwide wildlife benefits from the Squamish Estuary from tiny songbirds to gigantic raptors, herring to whales.
  • We have Whales!
  • Businesses and plans focus on recreation in the Squamish Estuary.
  • World-class competitors and musicians increase in numbers with every event.
  • Squamish locals and visitors are healthier because the air and river qualities are healthier.
  • Art, Health and Wellness are the big businesses in Squamish.
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