Debra McBride: 2014 Municipal Election for Councillor


My purpose: To Feed The World
My family farm experience is a source of strength and guidance for me.  The family pulp and paper mill workers provided an early view of industrial destruction of our life giving planet, earth.  As a teenager I enjoyed life in Victoria BC and was mentored by the founders of the health food industry at Viteway Bakery.  My arrival in Squamish in 1977 with 4 dogs 3 cats and a sprouting business was received with interest.  By 1982 I was in the Municipal race for Mayor on the grounds that the estuary plans were destructive. This battle continues today so I am in this election in 2014 to promote Jobs; in non-polluting industry, Transportation; that will be enjoyable, convenient and accessible for workers and visitors, Daycare; to ensure workers and families get the help needed, and a Communication Network; to facilitate Emergency Planning for those in distress.
Our life giving scenery has provided me with work in the film industry.  Recently my interest in the health benefits of teas is now realized as I am an Independent Tea Consultant with Steeped Tea.  I have been most successful creating projects for myself to work on as a volunteer.
Mountain FM benefited from my note taking at D O S Council meetings, the Brackendale Art Gallery found me useful for cooking and cleaning, the Sea to Sky FreeNet Society eventually employed me for computer tutoring and since 2008 the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association has kept me busy with networking and event photography.  Luckily I was able to attend the Academy of Learning and found I can attain an honours level in all subjects.
I find that people come to Squamish to have fun.  They might need to stay awhile, but have their home bases elsewhere. This allows us to provide temporary accommodation and spare the estuary and ourselves from a population impact for which we are not prepared.
In 30 years the estuary has been able to recover from pollution as many companies left town and left nature to cover and to recover the damaged areas.  We now have the most terrifying, close-up whale watching ever and of course the most delicate balance of life in this our nursery for nature.  Close encounters with wildlife inspire me while I persist in opposing Squamish Council and their plans for expansion which will steal our million dollar views and eliminate the growing businesses which rely on preserving the views, the estuary and our watershed.
To be effective is to have a vote when Squamish Council votes.  I am asking for your vote to elect me, Deb McBride to Squamish Council.  For decades I have witnessed the futility of gathering hundreds of people to oppose Official Community Plan Amendments at Public Hearings. At present I speak at Public Hearings and I represent over 300 voters.  It would be best to have enough voters trust me and elect me to Squamish Council to represent them when the decisions are made.
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