Canada is NOT For SALE! No Pipelines! No Oil Tankers!

Defend Our Coast! Fight FIPPA and the pipeline.

Things are still heating up and we need to keep this pressure building. We have three days left.

1. Call John Weston (only ten people have called the North Shore Constituency Office)
Sea-to-Sky: John Weston MP
P: 1-604-981-1790
T: @JohnWestonMP

2. Sign the 5 petitions below:
LeadNow: Stop the Canada-China FIPA and Nexen takeover

Council of Canadians: Harper must tear up the Canada-China investment treaty

The Green Party: Stand up against the sellout to China

ForestEthics: Stop Harper’s “Bad for Canada” trade treaty, FIPA Stop FIPPA deal with China NOW and allow debate in House of Commons

3. Ask your family and friends to take action on FIPA.

(Further reading below)

Click here to tell Harper: Canada is NOT for sale!
In days, PM Harper could approve the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company’s $15 billion takeover of…
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