Not a pretty picture: Diseased Salmon Wild and Dying on the West Coast of Canada

From Alexandra Morton 03/Aug/2012


We are testing wild salmon throughout BC right now for the European viruses.  Many First Nations are inviting us to their fishing grounds to sample their fish.  We thank you for your trust and willingness to know the truth about what is going on with the health of your salmon.

This morning the news reports IHN in a salmon farm very close to the Fraser River.  IHN is naturally occurring in BC, but as the Cohen Commission Technical Report #1 states it is one the HIGH RISK viruses to the Fraser sockeye and young sockeye are the most vulnerable.

You can read my letter to DFO’s Director General, Pacific Region, Sue Farlinger asking who specifically in DFO FISH HEALTH is going to be tracking this.  A valid concern is that IHN in salmon farms at the mouth of the Fraser River is a new situation for the Fraser sockeye who are passing this farm and then entering the nursery grounds of last year’s sockeye run within days.

You can follow our progress on my blog and on the Salmon Are Sacred facebook page. You can write DFO with your own questions at

Alexandra Morton

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