Elect Deb McBride 4 SeatoSkyviews

Link to Election Inspiration Photos in Squamish BC

Truly 4 SeaToSkyviews:  I am entered as a candidate in 2 elections!  SLRD DIRECTORS ELECTION (SLRD is the Squamish Lilloet Regional District) and I have entered the SQUAMISH COUNCILLORS ELECTION!

Now I know why I have been preparing for this day 30 years, it is to protect the earth from the Squamish BC ESTUARY seashore to the sky touching glaciers and all the rivers and watershed in between.

I do it for Our Survival and know that with Protection of the Earth as Our Priority there is employment and self-sustainment.  Sea to Skyviews for the film industry, Survival with the food industry, R n R with Tourism and Research and Restoration jobs that benefit laborers and scientists from our universities.  All cause it’s Gods’ Country and we’re blessed to be here!

Check out our sea to skyviews on MEN IN TREES TV SERIES on CosmoTV, 6 am Sundays, 10 am Mon-Thurs, ‘n’ Thurs 5pm!  all times, Pacific Time…  xtradeb’ll be on there in a bit… 

Here’s an Environmental Events LINK for the Squamish BC SES Newsletter, the Squamish Environment Society.

This morning, Oct. 16th at 8:am is the October Birds Count Day and everyone is welcome to meet at the Howe Sound Inn ‘n’ Brew Pub at 8 a.m.  or join the groups on the Squamish BC Estuary.  The groups tally the Birds Count Lists at the Howe Sound Inn Dining Room after noon and everyone is welcome to join the table.

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