From Alexandra Morton, 07/19/2011 Why Did Dick Do This?

On July 6-8, Dr. Dick Beamish, was on the stand at the Cohen Inquiry.  Beamish is a very influential, recently retired DFO scientist. He was the Director of the Pacific Biological Station, Head of Salmon Interactions and he received the Order of Canada. On the panel with him was Dr. Stewart McKinnell of the North Pacific Marine Science Org., (an intergovernmental scientific organization doing research in the North Pacific) and Dr. David Welch, President of Kintama Research Services that tracks wild migrating wild salmon.

What transpired exposes exactly what is wrong with our federal fisheries, how we lost one of humanity’s greatest food supplies – theNorth Atlanticcod – and how we are going to lose BC’s wild salmon. 

Letter to Wild Salmon People:   In early July a very senior and celebrated government scientist, Dick Beamish, was on the stand at the Cohen Inquiry. What transpired is a travesty, theater of the absurd.

See my blog

Second on my blog are photos I took yesterday of lice – infested young herring off the north end of Vancouver Island.

Our fisheries are in big trouble under current management.  Please consider attending or sending your own representatives to the aquaculture hearings at the Cohen Inquiry in Vancouver August 22 – September 9.  My concern is that the proceedings will be unbelievable unless people hear it for themselves. I do not want to be your only source of information on this.

Thank you all who donated, you are keeping us going for the next couple of months.  If you want to help out:

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Consider joining our 100,000 voices for wild salmon

If we don’t step between government and our fish, our children (and theirs) will lose a major food resource and essential part of the natural world. If a senior DFO scientist can behave like this we should consider ourselves warned. I sincerely hope that the people with resources and interests in wild salmon step up soon and straighten this out.   Ottawa cannot manage our fisheries.

Until then – onward


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