National Election w/Wild Salmon or…

from Alexandra Morton!
This morning I am launching a campaign to get answers from our candidates.

The evidence from the Cohen Inquiry

is a red flag – viruses do not wait around for policy to catch up….

they go viral!

I am sending the attached questions to all the candidates and

will be posting their responses

We also have a facebook page vote salmon.IJe

Then I am going door to door to their campaign offices

to find out who is putting our salmon ahead of the corporate salmon.

Silence on this issue is not an option for the people running to serve BC in Ottawa.
Yes this is about salmon, but it is also about our right to protect what we love,

where we live and our future.

We are lucky to live in a democracy, so lets use it.
Wild salmon feed this entire province

and have done so since the glaciers receded.
We are the wild salmon people,

lets pull together give ourselves a future.
 Alexandra Morton


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