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Oct 17 2010

Hello All

This is a call to action for Monday October 25th, Vanier Park, Vancouver.

I have very strong reasons for believing disease in salmon feedlots now determines whether wild salmon and steelhead survive. It is essential the sockeye inquiry investigates this thoroughly.

On the 19th of October I am going through Hells Gate (see attached photo) and then paddling with an amazing group of Wild Salmon People including chiefs, MPs, MLAs, the mayor of Vancouver and people like you. We are camping by the river for five days.  We are doing this to show you how essential wild salmon are. As the salmon go we go.  This is about our communities, democracy, our future.

I will keep you informed of our progress at:

Government and the salmon feedlot industry are hoping you never learn the truth.  They have kept disease records secret for 18 years, even as a deadly fish virus has followed this industry everywhere in the world. Now DFO research suggests a new virus has been killing the Fraser sockeye that are passing through salmon feedlot areas.

I am asking every one of you who want wild salmon to make the effort to meet us in Vancouver at Vanier Park at 10 am on the 25th of October when we land in the canoes. If you want wild salmon, walk with us to the opening of the Cohen Inquiry.  We are doing this to support Justice Cohen in his extremely difficult task. Our governments; federal, provincial and municipal approved salmon feedlots on our most important wild salmon and steelhead migration routes and they are not going to easily admit they made a big mistake.

I realize this is a Monday and inconvenient, but it is the day justice for wild salmon could begin. Make the time for salmon, take a 2 hour lunch, donate to help us with logistics, but most important BE THERE for yourself and for your children. This is the moment when we can turn this around.  If Cohen does not insist on full disclosure from these Norwegian companies it will only be because not enough of us showed up.

You can find all the logistics at

You can print the attached flyer and pass it around.

Make signs with the names of your rivers, your message to government, why you care about wild salmon.

I am doing this simply to protect our home. 

Calling the Wild Salmon People



Hello All

This Mission for Wild Salmon has been an incredible experience!  I have felt the near freezing waters at the highest-most spawning grounds of the Fraser sockeye in the Driftwood Creek. We have spoken to the people who  are standing guard of these productive spawning grounds.  We have heard stories of historic chiefs who protected the early returns to make sure enough fish spawned. I have heard that not all the runs have been succesfull this year. Today we head to Horsefly where most of the salmon have probably died already and are passing the food they carried from the ocean into this enormous watershed which drains 12,000km square.

Soon we head back to Adams to see the peak of the run.

Unless we all do what we can to support Justice Cohen in his pursuit of understanding of what is going on with the Fraser sockeye, we will never know why some years are complete failures and others see good runs in some areas and very poor ones in others.  One thing is certain, if there were 34 million Fraser sockeye this year, there could have even been more.  Only 15 of the 27 rivers used by the early Stuart sockeye had fish in them!

Please consider joining us and telling your contacts about the October 25th walk from Vanier Park (where the canoes will land) to the Commission office.  Unless this is huge we will never learn the truth about the diseases our Fraser sockeye are swimming through as they run the salmon feedlot gauntlet. 

You can follow our expedition at:

You can find out about the events at

Thank you all for your enormous support. Ultimately we have to form a voting block, I am trying to do this at


The Cohen Commission

I am in this inquiry and I cannot state strongly enough that Judge Cohen must hear from all of you.  He is making a significant effort by traveling throughout the Province before the hearings begin.  Please consider showing up at these meetings. 

Kamloops – Oct. 21,  6:30pm – 9:30 pm Coast Canadian Hotel (Collonade Rm)  339 St. Paul St.

Wild Salmon People 

                  A people’s movement to change the course of BC politics 

(Adams River, Oct. 4) After 18 years of decline, the 2010 Fraser River Sockeye return was so big it fed whales, eagles and a $500 million commercial fishery as the fish moved down the coast. They are now transporting 45 million kilograms of ocean nutrients deep into the interior of the province. 

The implications are staggering. People and salmon came to British Columbia 1000s of years ago. As salmon built the earth with their bodies, the people built a culture that respected the fish they depended on. In this way people and fish prospered together. The Fraser sockeye are demonstrating this opportunity still exists. 

Thirty-four million sockeye returned to the Fraser and we don’t know why. They thrived in spite of us. Imagine if we worked intelligently with this fish, with our forests, and with the marine and fresh water environments.   We won the lottery this year, but societies cannot survive on the luck of the draw. We are rich, but only as long as we remain ecologically intact.  

The life cycle of salmon spans the province of British Columbia from the headwaters, through our towns to the coast. If we considered them essential and gauged our behavior in terms of impact on wild salmon we would instantly have to consider affects up and downstream along this living corridor. This simple shift in vision would create a social and ecological maturity with enormous possibility. We could work with rather than against our natural resources. Today’s, governments appear blind to long-term prosperity beyond their term in office. 

We still live in a democracy so we can change government, but it is not enough to just let elections happen to us. We need candidates that will take care of the home we share. Imagine being happy to pay taxes, because you believed in your government? 

Here is what I propose. Keeping your current party membership, let’s build an enormous voting block across all parties standing for the values above. Starting in November, I will contact every politician in British Columbia to hear their plan to achieve sustainable prosperity based on sound social, ecological and economic principles. Wild salmon are a living icon of democracy and we choose their name to represent us 

If politicians don’t answer, I will post that too, but the more of us there are the more answers we will get.  If there are enough of us a political party will rise or adapt to meet us.  This is our home and we have every right to have a say in what happens here.  At the next election we need to be ready to vote for what is best for us. 

I am on a mission for wild salmon over the next 30 days traveling throughout the Fraser watershed to learn from the wild salmon people of this river. On the 20th we begin a 5 day paddle from Hope to Vancouver and on the 25th we will land at Vanier Park in Vancouver and walk to the opening of the sockeye Inquiry to support Justice Cohen in his very difficult pursuit of truth about what is happening to these fish. You can follow this journey at 

Alexandra Morton


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