TimeLine for July 29, 2010 Fire, Squamish, Second n Main

These were taken at the fire, July 29/2010
#004 at 2:16 am there’s no flame on side of house roof and the first officer arrives,
 in #013 at 2:22am the house roof edge is in flame for a short distance
 in #018 at 2:34 the house is hosed with water from over a block away
 in #019 at 2:35am the flames are coming from 2 openings in the roof
and of interest is the fire hydrant in front of the house which is
Not Being Used
Water is not hosed onto the roof
Firemen hose the bottom of the house
 in #023 at  2:43am the hydrant in front of the house is being used,
but no water is directed to the roof which is burning thru all of the roof
 #025 at 2:44 the roof flames are sky high, and a lone fireman stands
beside the fire hydrant, no hoses directed on the front of the house
 in 027 at 2:52am the camper begins to flame again
 in #030 at 2:56 am the camper get watered
 #061 at 4:04am shows distance that the first water was brought in hoses
from a block away and across Victoria Ave, where the Chieftain Hotel rooms
were burnt out awhile ago.
 #067 at 4:12am one house stands peaceful amid trees and hydrangea next
to the collapsing burning neighboring house on their corner where they have
been, immaculately, for decades
 #079 at 5:09am the Stan Clarke Park sprinklers has been on automatic behind the house
spraying quietly in the background
 #080 at 5:10am the full moon is seen over one of the last flames
 #081 at 5:16am the Chief is visible showing the extraordinary location
of this immaculately kept house
 #082 at 5:18 the empty shell of the house is seen in first light of day
without flames for the first time in over 3 hours
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