Squamish CAN members,
Just a quick reminder that our next Network meeting will take place next Wednesday, April 14th, 7-9pm at the Squamish Arts Council building on Cleveland Avenue (located in the park right across the road from the August Jack Motor Inn).


At this meeting, we will be celebrating Squamish CAN’s first birthday – a great excuse for a piece of cake that will make our meeting even sweeter. Bring your favourite drink if you like; plates and forks will be provided. The only requirement is your presence to enjoy the celebration, regardless how new you are to the Network, or how little or how much time you have been able to dedicate to Squamish CAN during the past year. We all play a part, so the cake will be divided in equal parts too – well, surely you all agree mine has to be twice as big! 😉

The Agenda is ready for you in the Members’ Corner section of the website (as you know, you need to be signed in to view and access this private page).
Any changes or additions, just let me know.


Please be on time! I look forward to seeing you all!

Ana Santos, Coordinator
Tel. 604.892.0305




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