Dear Friends and Allies:


We realize we just sent you a Fish Farm Update a week ago, but we want you to know about this exciting initiative the folks in Lillooet are taking. If you’re in the area on April 6, why not join them at the Lillooet office?

If you’re not in the Lillooet office, why not find a DFO office near you, gather some friends and wild salmon fans, and let your local office know you want these farms harvested before the juvenile Fraser salmon pass by. For more information about this action, read on…


We demand the harvest of three key fish farms by May 15!


Salmon Talks Lillooet is taking action on Tuesday, April 6, to get three coastal fish farms out of the way of Fraser salmon smolts. 


We will be visiting the Lillooet DFO office on Tuesday, April 6, at 10 a.m., to demand that the government order three fish farms be harvested and emptied immediately, so they are empty before mid-May, when the juvenile Fraser sockeye will be reaching them in the narrows near Quadra Island in the Georgia Strait.


At this time, we invite others to consider similar rallies at their local DFO offices, or at the sites where the smolts in their waters come to enter the Fraser on their journey to the sea. We invite our friends nearby to join us here in Lillooet.


This is not a press release. We will advise local media on Friday before the long weekend.


We know that these farms, located in the Georgia and Johnstone Straits, are hazardous to the smolts – because the adult Atlantic salmon eat the smolts; because the sea lice that infest the farms attach themselves – fatally – to the smolts; and because there is no way around them! The farms are located in precisely the ideal feeding grounds for the smolts – where rivers flow in and where fast waters stir up the ocean to make the algae and smolt-food accessible.


On April 6, we will find out who can order this emergency evacuation of the three key farms: Venture Point, Sonora and Cyrus Rocks – owned by Norwegian companies Mainstream and Marine Harvest. One farm is ready to harvest and the other two are only months away from a fully matured harvest.


We want to know who can make this emergency order, and we want to hold them accountable for taking this precautionary measure immediately. 


No matter the work of the Cohen Commission, no matter the juggling of authority between the province and the federal government, we wish to find out where the buck stops in such an emergency.


All the science in the world is being denied by governments. Commissioned recommendations in BC and Canada to move fish farms to closed containment are not being implemented. Letters from politicians from other countries urging Canada to avoid the fate they have already experienced – allowing salmon farms in migration corridors to decimate wild stocks – are not being heard. It is time for the people to make it clear to government what must be done. 


We invite you to express any similar beliefs in action, particularly during the week of April 6, with us.


Please let us know if you will be attending your local DFO office, or giving them a phonecall, to make the same demand.


Salmon Talks Lillooet is a collective of St’at’imc and non-Native people, Elders and Youth, professional technicians, biologists and regular community members, male and female. We work together for restoration and protection of wild salmon of all species. We are on the point of declaring Lillooet a farmed-salmon-free-zone, with cooperation of local businesses.



Salmon Talks Lillooet



We can also send our recommendation for immediate harvesting to the following Three Key Fish Farms:


1) Marine Harvest Canada (owners of Cyrus Rocks and Sonora)

#124 -1334 Island Hwy, Campbell River, B.C. V9W 8C9

(250) 850-3276


2) Mainstream Canada (owner of Venture Point)

#203 -919 Island Hwy, Campbell River, B.C. V9W 2C2

(250) 286-0022


Kerry Coast


The St’at’imc Runner newspaper

Online at:
Tel: 250 256 7523
Fax: 250 256 7119

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