HUGE VICTORY! Grieg Seafood denied new open net-cage salmon farm at Gunner Point!

Thanks to the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) and all of you, there will be no new salmon farm at Gunner Point! Today the regional directors denied zoning for a massive new net-cage farm that would have been situated in a migratory bottleneck that all salmon migrating through the Strait of Georgia must pass through.

This is thanks to the monumental efforts of our supporters to let the SRD Regional Directors know we want wild salmon, not harmful open net-cage salmon farms. The directors attempted to apply conditions to the zoning with hopes of directing this site to closed system technology, but unfortunately the remoteness of Gunner Point makes it an inappropriate site for closed containment. The regional directors did however, succeed in sending a very strong message that closed containment is the only acceptable direction for the salmon aquaculture industry in BC.

Congratulations to the Strathcona Regional Directors and all of you who expressed your opposition to the open net cage industry by attending public zoning hearings to speak out against this proposal, writing submissions, waving ‘Vote Wild’ signs, writing letters to local papers and so much more.

Together we achieved an amazing victory for Wild Salmon!

For the Wild Fish,
Michelle Young & Ruby Berry
Georgia Strait Alliance Salmon Aquaculture Campaign Team

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