Subject: [Wild Salmon Circle] NBC tells 10 million about plight of wild salmon!

Last night, NBC Nightly News aired story about the plight of Pacific Wild Salmon to its 10 million viewers, highlighting the protests against the Norwegian-owned BC salmon farming industry during the Olympics. 
It was a fitting cap to a month of outstanding global media coverage of the issue – thrust into the spotlight by a series of creative initiatives during the Games, including rallies, interactions with Olympic fans, 2 public presentations by Alexandra Morton, and numerous attempts to engage the King of Norway, in town for the games (watch for a video on that later today).  Given the popularity of the Winter Olympics in Norway – where 3 companies operate 92% of the salmon farms killing BC’s wild salmon – the Games provided a unique opportunity to reach out to the Norwegian public and the world to help save our wild salmon.  

To watch the NBC story today, go to: and scroll down 10 or so videos to the one marked "Plight of Pacific Salmon" (if you don’t catch it before this evening, try the "Our Planet" story menu from the same page)

Other Olympic media coups for wild salmon included:

• 5 national TV news stories in Norway and Scandinavia
• Multiple print and web stories in Norway and Canada
• Reuters international news story
• Thousands of Youtube and Facebook hits around the world

The word is spreading.  Now is the time to save our wild salmon from the impacts of Norwegian salmon farms.

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