New Condition of Licence: Reporting wild fish trapped in pens.

As a result of our filing charges against Marine Harvest for illegal possession of wild salmon there is now a new condition of licence wherein they have to report wild fish trapped in their pens. This is not enough as this will be done in-house, by the Norwegian fish farm companies and there is no way to ground-truth their numbers, however, we are making a difference and need to push this further until it matches the independent observer program Canadian fishermen are subject to.

Every week people from inside the industry are coming to me to report things they feel very badly about. These folks are heroes, risking their jobs for the wild fish.  One day I hope they will go public, but until then I will do what I can.  As you can see below the tips I got from Nootka about the drug resistant sea lice has inspired a response. Again it is not enough, but it is moving in the right direction.

Please check my blog for what needs to be done by you right away. The Fisheries Act is under threat of being degraded to protect the Norwegian salmon farmers:

The only people who are going to protect our wild fish is us.

Alexandra morton

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