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Sent: November 8, 2009 10:48:05 AM

The Terms of the Judicial Inquiry called by Prime Minister Stephen Harper into the demise of the Fraser sockeye are both sweeping and specific enough to get to the bottom of what happened to the Fraser sockeye and recommend the changes to how Fisheries and Oceans Canada is run to benefit all wild fish in Canada. We have made HUGE progress!

I posted a link to the Terms on my blog

This means we are no longer on the outside but we cannot abandon this process, we cannot rest assured it will do what we want if we don’t stay with it. Please make your concerns known to me and the Inquiry.

This Inquiry will take 2 years and in the meantime

we still need to push as hard as we can to get the Fisheries Act applied to the fish farms right now.  
The recent revelations around the farm salmon escape at Port Elizabeth highlight the importance of this (see most recent blog post).

So I have embedded a flyer on my blog that you can download and post.  

We need to see the Fisheries Act applied ASAP.
I will continue to lay charges under the Fisheries Act with your financial help, but this is a stop gap effort.
The government should be doing this not us!  
We need 100,000 signatures on our letter

Next week is a Global Week of Action on salmon farms

The entire film will be posted in a week.  

If you would like to get a CD of this film to set up a viewing please contact the filmmaker Damien Gillis
If you are in Vancouver there will be a showing at:

Date: Thursday, November
Time: 7-9 PM
Location: SFU Segal Centre  – Room 1500-500 Granville St. (Downtown Vancouver – Granville & Pender) 
Cost: $10 for Public / $5 for Students & Seniors

For more information on the global issues with salmon farms:

Thank you all for staying with this….. We are in the homestretch!

Alexandra Morton

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