October 23, 2009

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Clare Backman, 250-850-3276 ext 7258

Salmon Escape From Marine Harvest Farm

Campbell River, BC. Marine Harvest Canada reports an escape of farm-raised

Atlantic salmon from its Port Elizabeth site on Wednesday, October 21st.

Scuba divers discovered several holes in two pens at this Broughton area farm

while removing fish which had died as a result of low oxygen levels.

Prevention methods to eliminate further escape are in place. This incident has

been reported to regulators and a vessel is on site for recapture efforts.

A substantial number of fish still remain within these two pens. The exact number

of escapees will not be known until officially recounted next week, but is

estimated to be approximately 40,000. At an average weight of 4.7 kilograms,

these fish were shortly to be harvested and have not been treated with any


This unfortunate event may represent a significant financial loss to the company.

The cause of the holes remains under investigation, but may be related to the

fish removal process.

Marine Harvest Canada will provide an update when more information is known.

For more information about fish escapes visit:

Marine Harvest Canada produces 40,000 tonnes of high quality farmed Atlantic

salmon each year. The company employs approximately 550 people on

Vancouver Island and the central coast of BC.


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