From Deb McBride
re:  The Vote On The Grieg Co. application to the Sayward Regional Board for 2 fish farms.
Response from Jeff Long

Hi Deb,


I don’t have the official resolution of the regional board available however, that will become available on the website in the near future.


In a nutshell, the board passed a resolution that has the effect of amending Bylaw No. 29 to eliminate the Yorke Island site that was proposed to be rezoned for use for finfish aquaculture, and gave third reading to the Bylaw as revised with conditions that before the Bylaw will be considered for adoption, that Grieg Seafood make arrangements to include several requirements as conditions in the authorization that would be issued by DFO. In addition, Grieg Seafood must provide an undertaking related to the commitment to using a closed containment system at the Gunner Point site when such systems become commercially available. These conditional matters must be addressed by Grieg Seafood before the board will consider adopting Bylaw No. 29 and are subject to change as part of that consideration.


Jeff Long, BES, MCIP
Planning Services
Strathcona Regional District

301 – 990 Cedar Street

Campbell River, BC  V9W 7Z8
Tel: 250-830-6700
Fax: 250-830-6710

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