Climate Action Network Reminders

Hi all,

As you know, our next meeting for the whole Network will take place next Monday, June 29th (7pm @ BrewPub, Garibaldi Room in the restaurant side of the building). Councillor Patricia Heintzman will be with us for part of the meeting to hear about the projects we have on the go and discuss the potential of these for some funding.


Some quick reminders;

·         I need the goals for your groups by this Friday. A brief list of ambitions for the rest of the year and 2010 will be great.

·         This Saturday, June 27th, we have a booth at the farmers’ market, 10am to 3pm.

·         The pot-luck was moved to Saturday July 4th.


Hope you are enjoying the rain. By now, I know very well through experience that your ideas were not at risk of drying up during the recent drought, but I hope you will agree we needed some moisture. Get out and jump in the puddles – as we have learnt during our last two movie nights, water is a wonderful thing well worth celebrating.


Hope to see you on Saturday and/or Monday. I look forward to it!


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