Squamish Climate Action Network Movie June 22

Water, our draining habits: Can Squamish face up to the crystalline truths?
Tonight’s documentaries, Land of the Rising Water and Waste not Waste
Another refreshing evening dedicated to learning about water: How do we go about conserving it? Do we need water management? Who says, and what does this mean? Is it going to cost me? Isn’t that all that matters?

Come early and take advantage of all the local knowledge in offer! Bring your water; we’ll test it for you! Doors open at 6:30pm – Movie starts at 7pm
Our special guests will provide insight and answer our questions;

Rod Pleasance – Water Conservation Strategy Project Engineer with the District of Squamish
Mick Gottardi – Director of Community Development with the District of Squamish
Paul Lalli – Squamish Councillor
Glen Hearns – With the Transboundary Water Initiative at UBC
Star Morris – Wellness consultant and former health professional
Angela Mawdsley – Civil engineer with a passion for environmentally sound water management

Hope to see you all at the Adventure Centre!
Ana Santos

Squamish CAN, Coordinator



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