Subject: FISH FARM UPDATE: Wild Salmon Narrows Must Be Cleared of Fish Farms

Dear supporter of wild salmon,

Your help is needed to provide emergency protection to wild salmon!

As a partner in our work, you know how damaging open net-cage salmon farms are to BC’s wild salmon and the marine ecosystem. Years of scientific research has built a global body of evidence, and our understanding of the impacts continues to grow. Recent research suggests that the critical Fraser River sockeye as well as other runs of wild salmon are being infected with sea lice as they migrate past net-cage farms in the northern Georgia Strait. 

One of the narrowest pathways in the Georgia Strait is the Okisollo Channel — east and north of Quadra Island – where all five species of Pacific salmon swim and feed alongside herring, harbour seals, and orcas. This channel, this Wild Salmon Narrows, has been choked with open net-cage salmon farm sites for far too long.

As a member of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, we are launching a new Wild Salmon Narrows campaign! We’re calling for emergency protection for wild salmon migrating through the northern Georgia Strait. While we continue to work towards a coast-wide transition to closed containment aquaculture, we are demanding the removal of the five active fish farms in Okisollo Channel. Clearing a critical migration route of open net-cage salmon farms is an emergency measure needed to reduce the pressure of sea lice infection on wild salmon.

Thanks for getting involved and spreading the word to your friends!

Take Action!

Learn more about the Wild Salmon Narrows and watch our Fraser River sea lice infection video by filmmaker Twyla Roscovich.

Send an email to Premier Gordon Campbell urging him to clear the Wild Salmon Narrows of fish farms.

In addition to receiving GSA’s Fish Farm Updates, you can become more involved in the Wild Salmon Narrows Campaign, by joining the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform email series. You’ll learn more about what’s at stake in this biologically and culturally rich area of the Pacific coast, and will have many opportunities to help protect the Wild Salmon Narrows

For the Wild Fish,
Michelle Young & Ruby Berry
Georgia Strait Alliance Salmon Aquaculture Campaign Team

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