Squamish Streamkeepers Update June 14/09
Swift Creek

                By Saturday, June 13 the bottom third of Swift Creek had dried up completely so that coho juveniles could no longer exit and the rest of the creek will  likely soon dry up as well if this weather persists. On Saturday Jack and Jonn began trapping the stranded coho juveniles for placement in upper Bratt Creek above Brohm Lake. By Sunday afternoon they had delivered 1,116 coho to the Tenderfoot Hatchery for storage until all are ready to moved.
                However, Brian Klassen of the hatchery staff determined that 47 of the larger ones were old enough to smolt out to the ocean. Since the lower part of upper Bratt Creek hasn’t been cleared yet for fish to exit, these 47 coho were released above the new fish friendly culvert at the bottom of Brohm Lake which Dave Nanson had determined was an ideal coho rearing area. Probably they’ll soon be leaving via clear Brohm Creek, into very dirty Cheekeye Creek, moderately dirty Cheakamus River and off to sea, hopefully to return to spawn in the fall of 2010.
                It’s hoped that another 1,000 coho fry will be saved before Swift Creek completely dries up.
If you want to help save stranded fry next week
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