Events from the Climate Action Network CAN

Hi all,

Remember Monday is movie night (see below). Here’s a list of exciting events coming up soon (some dates have changed from previous schedules);


·         Monday, June 15th & Monday, June 22nd: Movie nights on the themes of bottled water, water conservation and management. The Water group will be ready for you at the Adventure Centre as from 6:30pm. Come early and take a look at what they’ve got to offer.

·         Tuesday, June 23rd: District of Squamish Council will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting at 7pm at the Eagle Eye Theatre (Howe Sound Secondary School). District Council is asking the Community for feedback on the Sustainability Block. This project proposes that a specific block be redeveloped as a showcase of design innovations for streetscapes, landscapes, and technologies. Good opportunity for Squamish CAN to offer suggestions and maybe get involved.

·         Saturday, June 27th (final details pending confirmation): Squamish CAN will have a booth at the market, 10am to 4pm. The different groups in Squamish CAN will participate in this. The idea is to interact with the community and offer them the amazing wealth of information and the huge amount of enthusiasm we already have.

·         Monday, June 29th: Squamish CAN meeting in the Garibaldi Room at the BrewPub, 7pm.

·         Saturday, July 4th: Squamish CAN pot-luck, 4pm @ Ana’s place, 38191 Hemlock Avenue (basement), Tel. 604.892.0305

·         Saturday, July 11th (final details pending confirmation): Squamish CAN field trip. Be ready to be amazed! A whole day of enjoyment and learning. We will pay a visit to our wetlands, our market, our recycling centre, we will check out the first solar-thermal installation for hot water in Squamish, and we will take a trip to the Outdoor School in Paradise Valley. In between, we will watch amazing short videos as background info to our visits, and we will have local experts sharing some very relevant local facts with us. And how are we going to get around? We’ll (hopefully) have our own bus for the day! Watch this space – final details and schedule will be produced soon!

·         Saturday, August 1st (final details pending confirmation): Squamish CAN will have another booth at the market, 10am to 4pm. Once more, this will be a joint effort by all groups in the Network.


As you can see, no time to get bored in this town. For your reference and in case you want to point it out to your friends, all our events that are open to the public can be found online at (Meetings & Events Calendar). This website also includes an article on Squamish CAN which you may want to read. Squamish Online are helping us enormously with publicity. The Education group are working on the website and on the possibility of producing a sporadic newsletter – spreading the word will be a lot easier soon.


Enough for now… I look forward to enjoying these events with you all!


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