Keepin Up

Squamish CAN members,

If you happen to have an hour to spare before June 14th (this coming Sunday), I highly recommend that you watch this movie: I could do without the violins myself, but the more musical amongst you will probably be able to appreciate the sound effects better than me 🙂

 Overall, it is a very good portrait of the state the Earth and the reason why we created Squamish CAN. It is a great learning tool, very informative, and visually compelling. Don’t despair and give up through all the negativity – there is a positive message waiting at the end and, in case you need another one, remember that we are some of those lucky ones who have decided “it is too late to be a pessimist” and we have got together to take forward-looking steps and set a good example in our community.

 Hope you have the time to watch it. Enjoy and, without losing sight of the past, remember that now, more and more people like us are taking ownership of the future. Personally, I am very excited to be part of this movement.


The Transportation Committee of Squamish CAN meets at the Artista Espresso Shop

in the morning, 10 a.m. Thurs. June 13

The Food Committee meets at eh Highland Mall for a trip to study local food products at the Market.

9 AM.

Monday Movie on Water Conservation JUne 15 and June 22, 7 pm at the Adventure Centre,  doors open

at 6:30 pm.




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