Climate Action Network: Squamish

Hi all,

Thanks for the meeting last night. I guess we are all pretty new in Squamish CAN, but great to have some even newer faces amongst us – to those, welcome to the group!


A few notes from the meeting;


1) Communication. Please remember to let me know about your meeting dates so I can pass details along to others who may be interested in attending. With the help of some real experts, I will do my best to get the networking site up and running in the very near future, and communication within the group should get faster and easier.


2) A big thank you to Tracey Saxby from Greener Footprints (, who has included a page on Squamish CAN in a brochure that will be delivered to all households in Squamish within the next week or so. Tracey is in the ‘waste-not’ group in Squamish CAN, and she is also the power behind the initiative to get rid of plastic bags in our community (and beyond). During the next few days, Tracey will be needing help stapling brochures to the reusable bags for delivery in all neighborhoods, and she is also looking for volunteers to help with this delivery. Even one hour can go a long way. If you think you can help in any way, please let Tracey know ( I will be helping with distribution in Valleycliffe, if you would like to join me, let me know.


3) Quite a few of you last night showed an interest in the energy cabin concept that the energy group people are working on. For those of you who keep screaming for more info, here is this;

Energy Cabins are self contained heating systems that combine solar energy with wood pellet technology for total central heating for any building [or district heating grid]…


4) Upcoming dates and events;

·         Today, June 2nd, soon after 6pm: Introduction of Squamish CAN to Council, soon after 6pm at the Municipal Hall in downtown.Anna did a great presentation to Squamish Counil!  She’s very funny and said that after bombarding them with notices of events this spring, the newly formed group, Squamish CAN had been formed and there would be lots more Climate Change Initiatives!  As you can see:

         Monday, June 15th, 6:30pm: Melting Pot Movie night at the Adventure Centre. Theme: Water.

·         Monday, June 22nd, 6:30pm: Melting Pot Movie night at the Adventure Centre. Theme: Water.

·         Saturday, June 27th, 4pm: Squamish CAN pot-luck @ Ana’s (38191 Hemlock Avenue, basement).

·         Monday, June 29th, 7pm: Squamish CAN meeting (venue to be confirmed). At the beginning of the meeting, we’ll watch a brief documentary on how other countries are attempting to reach their goal of becoming carbon neutral in the very near future (this time, we’ll be homing on New Zealand), and we will hopefully have Councilor Doug Race with us to discuss the situation in Squamish and Canada afterwards. I’ll confirm this closer to the date.


OK, enough for now. Be careful with the heat and use your hat – remember, your brain is very valuable to Squamish CAN.


Take care and see you all soon,


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