Including Norwegian Fish Farms
Grieg Seafood ASA

Post address
P.O. 234 Sentrum
N-5804 Bergen

Visit address
C. Sundtsgate 17/19
N-5804 Bergen

Tel.:  +47 55 57 66 00
Fax.: +47 55 57 69 70

E-mail: info@griegseafood.no

Press contact
Morten Vike
Tel.: +47 994 91 165
E-mail: morten.vike@griegseafood.no

Investor contact
CFO Eirik Bloch Haugland
Tel.: +47 95 90 31 50
E-mail: eirik.haugland@griegseafood.no

Our divisions:

Grieg Seafood Rogaland AS
N-4174 Helgøysund
Tel.: +47 51 71 40 00
Fax: +47 51 71 40 01
E-mail: rogaland@griegseafood.no

Grieg Seafood Finnmark AS
Markedsgata 3
Postboks 1053
N-9510 Alta
Tel.: +47 78 44 95 95
Fax: +47 78 44 95 96
E-mail: finnmark@griegseafood.no

Grieg Seafood BC Ltd
#200 – 1170 Shoppers Row
Campbell River BC V9W 2C2
Tel:  +1-250-286-0838
Fax: +1-250-286-1883
E-mail: info@griegseafood.ca

Grieg Seafood Hjaltland UK Ltd.
Tel:  +44 1595 74 1800
Fax: +44 1595 74 1806
E-mail: info@griegseafood.co.uk


Thank you for your interest in, and support for, Georgia Strait Alliance’s Salmon Aquaculture Campaign. You will receive periodic updates on breaking news and urgent actions you can take. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you wish to stop receiving these updates, just email us.

Grieg Seafood Public Zoning Hearing for Two Proposed New Fish Farms

Grieg Seafood is applying for two massive new fish farms in Sunderland Channel near Sayward, at Yorke Island and Gunner Point. They are now approaching the last hurdle in the application process, which is a proposed Strathcona Regional District zoning bylaw, and we must stop them here. The proposed farms sites are located at a spot which all juvenile salmon migrating north through the Strait of Georgia must pass on their way to the open ocean. Wild juvenile salmon from as far away as the Fraser River and Puget Sound pass by here, as well as local salmon stocks. These wild salmon will have already migrated through a gauntlet of fish farms south of this point, and adding two massive new fish farms increases the threat of infection from sea lice that can prove deadly. The farms would also add huge waste loads into the marine environment and are a threat to many other creatures as well as salmon.

A Strathcona Regional District public zoning hearing was already held on April 14th in Sayward and Georgia Strait Alliance was in attendance, making both written and verbal submissions. Thanks to everyone who made written submissions or attended the Strathcona Regional District public hearing, but your help and the help of others is urgently needed again. Grieg Seafood has asked for reconsideration regarding their proposed Gunner Point and Yorke Island fish farms, offering token sea lice mitigation measures. These measures are not sufficient to assure safety of the passing juvenile salmon stocks.

We Need Your Help Again! Let’s Pack the Hall and Flood the SRD with Opposition!

Visit our website to learn more and for details on making a submission, which is due no later than 4 pm May 27th, the date of the hearing.

Read Georgia Strait Alliance’s submission to the SRD at http://www.GeorgiaStrait.org/?q=node/858

You can view the zoning application at

Spread the word by passing this email along to your friends. We need as many submissions and people at the hearing as possible if we are to keep these two massive fish farms out of Sunderland Channel.

Visit our website to learn more about the Fish Farm Industry’s plans for massive expansion on BC’s Coast.

New Sea Lice Science:
According to the paper Sea lice and salmon population dynamics: effects of exposure time for migratory fish, “these results indicate that the duration of exposure of juvenile salmon to sea lice is important to sea lice and salmon population dynamics. For policy, this means that coastal planning and management should consider minimizing the exposure time of juvenile salmon to sea lice from multiple salmon farms sited sequentially on migration routes in addition to the abundance of lice on individual farms”.

For the Fish,
Michelle Young & Ruby Berry
Georgia Strait Alliance Salmon Aquaculture Campaign Team


Caring for our Coastal Waters

Support GSA, the only citizens’ group focused on protecting the marine environment in and around the Strait of Georgia

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1. Sea lice and salmon population dynamics: effects of exposure time for migratory fish. pg. 9 Proceedings of Royal Society B. March 17, 2009. Martin Krkosek, Alexandra Morton, John P. Volpe, and Mark A. Lewis.

RE opposition to: Bylaw 29, Quadra Island Zoning Bylaw, Amendment 95
Strathcona Regional District
301-990 Cedar Street
Campbell River, BC V9W 7Z8  Bylaw 29, Quadra Island Zoning Bylaw, Amendment 95

To: J. Long and to whom it may concern
I am opposed to the positioning of fish farms in migratory routes of wild salmon fry.
In Squamish I am trying to save the Squamish Estuary and have here a port owned by Star Shipping of Norway.
Grieg Star Shipping AS, C. Sundts gate 17/19, P.O.Box 1088 Sentrum, N-5809 Bergen, NORWAY, Phone: +47 55 23 96 00
The fish farms proposed are owned by a Norwegian company, Grieg Seafood!
Grieg Seafood ASA
Grieg-Gaarden C.Sundtsgate 17/19
PO Box 234 Sentrum
Tel.:(47) 55 57 66 00 Fax:(47) 55 57 69 70


Are those who govern in BC unaware that what benefits this Norwegian Company will annihilate the Wild BC Salmon?

  • The fish farms stock Atlantic Salmon.
  • The fish farms are breeding grounds for sea lice.
  • The product SLICE used to control sea lice is banned in other countries because it also damages other sea life.
  • The fish farms are on the migratory route of wild salmon fry!
  • The fish farms are huge compared to the small fish farms that were used when first permitted.

Grieg Seafood proposes 2 huge fish farms complete with sea lice, slice, and atlantic salmon on the wild salmon fry migratory route.
Please use the scientific evidence and the Fisheries Act Regulations to
Please require Fish Farms to be located on land.
I am writing to ask you to oppose and to deny the application
by Grieg Seafood of Norway.
Bylaw 29, Quadra Island Zoning Bylaw, Amendment 95
I ask you to Protect Wild Salmon!


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