Petitioners Locked Out!

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Please view this Global News clip.  A government should be willing to listen to the public.  But the Liberals could not be more clear…they locked the door, left the people concerned about wild salmon on the street and suggested we take our concern to the NDP.

I went to Canada Place because we needed to know:

If re-elected on May 12, will the Liberals protect wild salmon?  We got the answer – No.
In this video Liberal Nanaimo-Parksville MLA candidate Ron Cantelon said wild and farm salmon can co-exist. Look at the salmon river next to you. There is no evidence this can or ever will happen (Ford and Myers 2007).  Humanity itself is threatened by direct exposure to diseases in feedlots.  The fish feedlots absolutely have to be isolated from the ocean environment.
Wild salmon are the backbone of the BC economy, but the BC Liberals are selling hundreds of rivers, in the same watersheds where wild salmon are hatching right now.  Farm salmon  –  need no rivers.  
Chief Bob Chamberlin has filed a class action law suit against the British Columbia Government alleging that wild salmon are being decimated by open net-cage salmon farming in their Territories, asking "Why doesn’t government realize what’s at stake?"
Connect the dots. This is the last time we get to decide if we want wild salmon.  I have always voted Green and hope to again one day, but on May 12, I am voting for the best hope my community has to survive …. NDP.

Please forward.
Alexandra Morton


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