The Great Turning


"The Great Turning is our essential adventure,

as we shift  from an industrial world view

to one that engenders a life-sustaining civilization."

Dr. Joanna Macy

May 23rd 2009, 9:30am to 7:30pm

Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St

Hi all,
I will be representing Squamish StreamKeepers (and wild salmon) as a speaker at the event below on May 23rd. It is an all-day event, with dozens of speakers and subjects to discuss. You may want to pass the information on to your members. If you know anybody who would like to attend but cannot afford it, I have been told there are volunteer opportunities – let me know and I can pass the information on.
List of speakers and subjects below; if you are interested, the website includes details of each discussion:


and get ready to  BE THE CHANGE


This exciting and innovative gathering will convene a spicy mix of over 30 passionate community leaders and change agents.

Join with them in intimate “circle talks” to inspire, connect, brainstorm, dialogue, and move forward with personal and collective actions to change our world.

Share in stimulating conversation, tasty food, inspiring short videos, live performances, & lots of fun!

Advance Registration only $48 for the full day

Delicious organic, vegetarian & vegan feasting — lunch $7/dinner $11.  Live performances, cash bar, and a kickin’ afterparty hosted by Tribal Harmonix! (Party free with registration.)  

We are honoured to present over 30 round-table speakers, each a brilliant thread in the tapestry of our future, weaving together social justice, environmental sustainability, and our evolution of consciousness.




Daughters of the Drum

Aline LaFlamme

Cross-Cultural Reconciliation

Squamish Streamkeepers

Ana Santos

Salmon & Fish Farms: The Bare Bones

Wilderness Committee, Deputy Major

Andrea Reimer

Homelessness, Dignity & Empowerment

Nature’s Path

Arran Stephens

The Compassionate Diet

Wilderness Committee

Ben West

My Trade with China: Gateway & Beyond

Eco Granny

Betty Krawczyk

The Extended Family Regroups

Canadian Memorial United

Bruce Sanguin

Ecology, Spirituality & The Evolution of Consciousness

Car Free Vancouver

Carmen Mills

Going Car Free

Conscious Planet

Charles-Norman Holmes

Conscious Commerce

Workless Party

Conrad Schmidt

Working less -Living more


Curtis Clearsky

To Be Confirmed

SPUD Small Potatoes Urban Delivery

David Van Seters

Creating a Sustainable Food System

Multifaith Action Society

Derek LaCroix

Sustaining Self in Times of Change


Devon Page

Defending our Wildlife

Public Space Network

Emily Jubenville

Community Gardens 

Sierra Club BC

George Heyman

Climate Justice: Equitable Carbon Policy & Pricing

KDO:Dialogues on Drug Use

Gillian Maxwell

Our Addicted Society

Lighthouse, Sustainable Building Centre

Helen Goodland

Green Homes-Making An Impression Without Leaving One

W2 Community Media Arts

Irwin Oostindie

Revitalization 2.0: Inner-City Change Making

Toxic Free Canada

Jackie Larkin

We All Live Downstream

Oxfam Canada

Joanna Kerr

Affects of Climate Change on Women


John Richardson

Conscious Justice

Be The Change Action Circle

Julia Hilton

2 Block Diet

Check Your Head

Kevin Millsip

Green Jobs for a Real Economy

Tribal Harmonix

Little Woo

Alchemy of Inspiration

Recycle Alternative

Louis Schwarz

Getting Intimate with Your Garbage


Margaret Mahan

Public and Diversified Transportation

Purple Thistle

Matt Hern

Bottom Up Urbanism – Citizen Engagement

Be The Change Earth Alliance

Maureen Jack-LaCroix

The Great Turning

Forest Ethics

Merran Smith

Alberta Tar Sands: The Dirtiest Oil on Earth

Carbon Offsets

Morgan McDonald

Discerning Carbon Offsets

Save Our Rivers

Tom Rankin

Our Water – Our Future

Canadian Memorial Eco-Team

Toni Pieroni

Reconnecting with Nature for Wellbeing


Tzeporah Berman

Climate Crisis and Being The Change

Dogwood Initiative

Will Horter

Oil Tankers Down Our Coast


For details and to register online:




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