Hello All,

Here in British Columbia we are in the last two weeks of electing a Provincial government and this will have critical affect on wild salmon due to privatization of rivers and ocean spaces, even schools of fish.  Many of you received responses from the BC government currently in power, the “Liberals,” headed by Premier Gordon Campbell.  They said the BC government is not allowed to intervene in the Appeal of the Constitutional Challenge I won regarding fish farms. This is not correct they do have this power. I have written a response on the website http://www.adopt-a-fry.org  It is becoming very clear that while the current  BC government has allowed the salmon feedlots to expand despite the science, public outcry and impact on rural economies they realize they are a political liability and thus are making every effort to distance themselves from the industry.

There are simple answers to this mess which now threatens the entire eastern Pacific and the BC economy.  Aquaculture is not the problem, the problem is lack of political will.  Alaskan salmon have political will on their side and they are thriving

For those of you in B.C.  please view this film below and vote.  The existence of wild salmon depends very much on this election.


I apologize for the number of emails, but if we want wild salmon we all need to act now.

Alexandra Morton

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