Did you know… BC has no endangered species law. Help change this!

BC has more threatened/endangered species than anywhere else in Canada. We are contacting you to ask for your help to protect BC’s wildlife and biodiversity. There are currently 1600 species threatened/endangered in our province.Several major environmental groups have come together to campaign for endangered species legislation. We have a petition underway with over 8000 signatures so far, but we are aiming for over 10,000 by the 8th of May. So we are asking you to spread the word about the campaign, and encourage everyone you know to sign the petition. (They can sign up online.) You can help further by:

1) checking out the campaign website, www.lastplaceonearth.ca, to learn more about the issue and the campaign, and to sign a letter calling for protective legislation

2) forwarding this email to all your email contacts

3) asking groups you belong to, and businesses you frequent, to officially endorse the campaign (before May 6th). Ask them to call in to the WC office, and we’ll explain what’s involved.

4) downloading the campaign petition from the website, and circulate it (post in on your co-op bulletin board, take it to meetings, etc.). Return petitions to the Wilderness Committee by May 6th (partially full pages are fine).

"Beautiful BC" is losing it’s wildlife and wilderness fast. The UN has  designated 2010 as the "Year for Biodiversity." If we don’t act now, 2010 in BC it will simply be another year when we lose more plant and animal species – forever.

Please help save BC wilderness and wildlife. Thanks!

Ruth Fahlman | Outreach Volunteer
Wilderness Committee | Canada’s largest membership-based wilderness preservation organization
 mailing address:227 Abbott Sreet, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7
office: 604-683-8220 toll free: 1-800-661-9453
web: www.wildernesscommittee.org

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