All together now

To the tune of

Rock of Ages


We are falling

Into Sin




I don’t want it to be forgotten, that the District of Squamish Council ignores the plight of the pedestrian. 


This fact is painfully obvious as the ice forms in the piling snow and it becomes immoveable for the shoveling shopkeepers.  The sidewalk clearing equipment and the job that goes with it are no longer in the Budget. 


The citizens are to do the job and pay tax increases.  Pedestrians take to the streets, especially along Second Avenue where no effort has been made to clear the sidewalk in front of the Municipal Hall or more than the sidewalk to the entrance of the Public Library. 


The fine for property not cleared of snow by 10 a.m. is a threat to the citizens.  For the citizens to be endangered by the deep jagged snow covered ice these white Christmas weeks is obviously of no concern to Council. 


As Monday Jan. 5th dawns will the employees at the Municipal Hall be given the all clear that has been denied the pedestrians? 


The backup beepers awaken me and I again prep for the day armed with shovel against snow…  anon anon for more white weeks into 2009…  while Squamish Council cheer Happy New Year! 






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