Cheakamus Ecosystem Restoration Technical Committee

Meeting Summary for September 17, 2008

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Following the review of the 5 August 2008 meeting notes the following items were discussed at the 17 September 2008 CERTC meeting:  No comments to the CERTC website were identified for discussion by CERTC.

Attendees reviewed two new applications for seed funding submitted to the CERF. The SRWS submitted an application to fund further feasibility investigations of the Swift Creek flow supplementation project. Attendees were familiar with the project details from discussions at previous CERTC meetings and there was consensus to approve seed funding for SRWS.

The Squamish Environmental Conservation Society (SECS) submitted an application for funding to design a designated trail and boardwalk in the vicinity of Cattermole Slough. The existing network of unmanaged casual trails already receives extensive recreational pressure and results in unwanted human disturbance of sensitive habitats in the slough. The project proposes to consolidate recreational users on designated trails and reduce the scope of impacts on sensitive habitats. In addition, the new trail network would discourage recreational use of the existing railway spur line.

Attendees noted the proposed project does not fit within the general objectives of the CERF but agreed to provide seed funding contingent on SECS being made aware the CERF will not provide substantial funding for construction of the new trail system.

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