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Ian Prattis author of "FAILSAFE"




New book says the planet will be fine


It’s the people we should worry about…


Ottawa, ON – Humanity is hurtling towards a series of cataclysmic economic, social and ecological events that will take us to the brink of destruction, says a new book called Failsafe written by Carleton Professor Emeritus Dr. Ian Prattis.  Our hardwired instinct for self-preservation can save us, but only if it triggers new ways of thinking, being and interacting the book contends.  Failsafe is being released this month (Manor House Publishing, October 2008, $24.95) just as, coincidentally, the world’s economies flirt with collapse. The book is available in Chapters/Indigo stores across Canada as well as on their website and that of Amazon. 


With a forward by David Suzuki, Failsafe is a critical response to James Lovelock’s The Revenge of Gaia, which paints a darker picture for the future of humanity than does Prattis’ Failsafe.  Prattis believes that while the situation is dire – and will likely get worse — human beings are programmed literally with a failsafe, which will ultimately kick in, unleashed by our very will to survive.  The book provides an in-depth understanding of global eco-crises and issues a call to change the existing world order by arriving at a deep spiritual understanding of what needs to be done. Step by step methods are laid out on how to usher in a new era of planetary care, social justice and peace.


“Can we fix the planet?” asks the author. “This is the wrong question. Our present values and patterns of consumption are the architects of the present global emergency. The right question is can we fix ourselves?”


Failsafe describes how human ignorance will rule until the global situation deteriorates to a breaking point.  This breaking point will then act as a catalyst, activating consciousness so it is propelled into expansion, deliberation and change.


“In Failsafe, Ian Prattis offers a way to a perceptual transformation that is absolutely critical if we are to find a truly sustainable future,” says iconic science broadcaster and environmental activist, David Suzuki.

The book shows that we have the capacity to make positive changes: That there is hope for future generations to occupy a healthy planet and faith in the human consciousness to save the planet. Failsafe provides examples and guidance for transformation and change.


Besides being a Professor Emeritus at Carleton in Ottawa, Dr. Prattis is also the founder of Friends for Peace – a coalition of environmental groups that works for peace and planetary care.  Please visit www.failsafebook.com to learn more.



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